A Nuke’s Guide to Becoming a Patent Practitioner

Passing the patent bar is one of the most difficult things an engineer or technician can do. In particular, engineering technicians often are not told of the disadvantages they will face compared to their engineer colleagues. While you certainly need to have a technical background to thrive as a patent agent or attorney, if you are a technologist or don’t yet have a PE license, you don’t need to go back to school. 

The Glow in the Dark™ Lawyer is writing a book on passing the bar exam and subsequent practice as a patent agent or attorney. Most bar prep course are written to the test. This book will help you pass the test by preparing you more efficiently than most other prep courses out there. It will also be presented practically, to help you face the reality of real-life practice as an IP professional. As any Navy Nuke can tell you, the knowledge you need to get qualified and the knowledge you need to stand the watch are not the same.

This site is currently under construction. Return often for updates on the book, A Nuke’s Guide to Becoming a Patent Practitioner.