Nike Park Road Cleanup

Glow In The Dark Law™ cares about the environment.

Isle of Wight County residents have likely noticed the accumulation of trash in recent months along Virginia state routes and undeveloped roads. Nike Park Rd. is the most direct connection from Glow In The Dark Law™ to the James River Bridge.

Attorney Will La Salle’s wife, a Navy Chief, transits the JRB daily on her commute to and from the USS John C. Stennis, currently stationed at Norfolk Naval Base and awaiting overhaul at Newport News Shipbuilding. She sees the cans, plastic, and other debris lining Nike Park Rd. every day. So do his children, when they take trips across the big Bridge (and his daughter excitedly points out “Daddy’s old work,” Newport News Shipbuilding).

Many residents of local communities in and around Smithfield also see the unsightly trash, either when they take their children to Nike Park or they themselves commute to the Peninsula. It’s time something be done about it.

Will posted a comment on neighborhood social media app Nextdoor® highlighting the current condition of Nike Park Rd. and asking the community if it would be interested in helping. The response was immediate and overwhelming. After reaching out to Isle of Wight County, the community was told it had two options: a single cleanup event with supplies provided by Isle of Wight Solid Waste Management, or commitment to the Virginia Adopt-a-Highway program. After polling the community, the desire of the community is clear: we will adopt Nike Park Rd. along its entire span from Battery Park Rd. to Reynolds Drive, representing a commitment to clean up a three mile stretch of Virgina’s rural roadway.

While the official organization(s) who will officially sponsor Nike Park Rd. as part of the Adopt-a-Highway program has yet to be determined, plans are underway to make this cleanup effort a reality. Check back frequently for more updates on Nike Park Rd.!

For more information on the Virginia Adopt-A-Highway program, please visit the Virginia Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway website here.