As a maritime attorney, the Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ can help with your maritime legal needs, both here in Hampton Roads and at any other U.S. port of call.

Glow in the Dark Law® knows how vitally important the sea is both to Hampton Roads and the Nation for economic trade, national defense, and for citizen’s enjoyment.


From the world’s largest naval base located in Norfolk, the various Ports of Virginia located along our waters (NIT, PMT, PCY, NNMT, and RMT), the beaches and harbors of all Seven Cities, and all the waterfront properties in Hampton Roads, the Admiralty is vitally important to Hampton Roads and her residents.

Whether you are a freight forwarder dealing with lost cargo; a shipyard or bunker supplier seeking to recover on a maritime lien; a vacationer injured on a jet ski; a beach or riverfront property owner; a sailor or longshoreman injured on the job; a salvor who rescued another’s vessel either freed from its moorings or succumbing to the perils of the sea; seeking to lay claim to an abandoned or derelict vessel; or you want to stake a claim to long lost treasure, you need a lawyer who knows the law of the sea and who is ready to see to your interests. 


Admiralty & Maritime Areas of Practice

General Maritime Law, Seaman, and Longshoremen


Maintenance & Cure
Seaman’s Wages
Maritime Labour Convention
Crew Repatriation (COVID)
Maritime Labour and Coronavirus (ILO)


Jones Act and LHWCA Claims


Shipboard Injuries
Longshoreman Injuries


 Death on the High Seas


Survivor’s Rights

Logistics, Freight, Loss, and Limitation of Liability


Ocean and Shipping Reform Act of 2022 (OSRA)
Guidelines for Cyber Security Aboard Ships

Ship Finance & Marine Insurance


Ship liens
Vessel Arrest
Insurance Claims
Uberrimae Fides



Employment-Related Injuries


Non-Jones Act or LHWCA


Charterparties, Maritime Liens, and Vessel Arrest


Demise (bareboat)
Time Charter
Voyage Charter
Flags of Convenience
Mortgages & Liens
Charter Fishing and Charter Boat Captaincy

Towage, Pilotage, Collision & Allision, Salvage, and General Average


Military Vessels and Sovereign Immunity
Salvor Rights
Abandoned and Derelict Vessels

Riparian Rights


Riparian Property Boundaries
Submerged Lands
Leases & Assignments
Accretion & Reliction
Alluvium & Colluvium
Riparian Surveys & Waterfront Development
Upstream and Downstream water rights



National and International Maritime Resources



Hampton Roads Virginia Local Maritime Resources

Alternative Harbors (Extra Resources)

Glow In The Dark Law® appreciates the service and sacrifice of all current and former maritime servicemembers serving in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines, and U.S. Coast Guard. If you are currently serving or are the family member of a sailor, soldier, or airmen with a service-related legal concern, we can help you! Please see the Military Law & Veterans Issues section of our website for more information.