About Us

                         Glow in the Dark Law®

Glow in the Dark Law® also offers local counsel services as well as referrals. We may provide additional legal transactional or litigation services upon request.  

Glow in the Dark Law® provides many general and specialized legal services in the Hampton Roads area! In addition to Intellectual Property (Trademark, Copyright, Patent, and Trade Secret) and Admiralty (water property rights, injuries, accidents, or insurance
issues) services, we also provide corporate legal services including contract drafting and business formation (Virginia); federal bankruptcy (Chapter 7/11/12/13); Notary Services; and other civil legal services related to energy and administrative law, tribal law, and cybersecurity. 

Glow in the Dark Law® provides contract and corporate setup and wrap up services for businesses registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia (State Corporation Commission) and provides referrals for out of state business entities. GITDLaw™ currently provides Intellectual Property to clients through partnership with Thrive IP®. 

For some of our specialized services, please also see Energy-IP®.