January 12, 2021 Will La Salle 0 Comments

At Glow In The Dark Law™, we are especially appreciative when a story comes along highlighting the intersection of the sea and human ingenuity. Engineering360 reports that efforts are underway to harness wave energy potential as a clean energy power source in the Pacific Northwest. And why not?

We have been using hydroelectric dams to generate energy for decades. Using the natural attraction between the moon and the Earth, and the waves and tide that exist due to that attraction creates a seemingly perpetual source of potential energy, and would likely have a much cleaner and less impactful footprint than hydro dams currently do. While perhaps still not terribly efficient, innovators like YOU who live, work, and play near the sea are full of ideas that are ripe for monetization and protection through the U.S. Intellectual Property scheme.

If you have the next great idea for harnessing the natural awesomeness of the sea, we would love to hear from you!

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