May 27, 2021 Will La Salle 0 Comments

In the beginning, there was Napster. Then it was BitTorrent (see, e.g., Matthew Sag & Jake Haskell, Defense against the Dark Arts of Copyright Trolling, 103 IOWA L. REV. 571 (2018)). Now it’s social media.

Keeping the internet relatively free from regulatory oversight means that it is ripe with danger, if you don’t know what to look for. Every image copied from social media and every image found through a Google search and embedded to a third-party website leaves an unsuspecting owner potentially vulnerable to copyright infringement litigation. Some unscrupulous actors are intentionally enticing unwary folks by baiting them with seemingly innocuous imagery and other media and then springing the trap when they take the bait.

Copyright law wasn’t meant to be an exploitable source of income. Don’t let it be. If you find yourself caught in someone’s internet copyright “trap,” don’t roll over to copyright bullies and let yourself be exploited. Contact an IP attorney who knows how to fight back. Thrive IP® and Glow In The Dark Law™ can help.

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