General Legal Services


Whether you’re looking for a lawyer to review your first offer for employment as a licensed professional, an out of state law firm seeking local counsel for civil litigation in Virginia state or federal court, or an Energy Production professional seeking to challenge the results of a licensing exam, Glow In The Dark Law™ provides the legal services you need.

General Litigation Services

Discovery Document Review

Privilege Logs

Local Counsel:
     VA Civil
     U.S. Eastern District of Virginia
     U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Business Legal Services

Contract Drafting & Review

License Agreements and Assignments
Notary Services
Virginia Business Formation and Wrap-Up
Intellectual Property Audit (in collaboration with Thrive IP®)
Secured Transactions (UCC & Federal Tax Liens)
Virginia Mechanic’s and Storage Liens
State Corporation Commission Proceedings
Licensing and Regulated Professions
Trust Management
Oil & Gas and Mineral Leases

Professional Legal Services

Contract Analysis and Negotiation

Licensing and Administrative Review
Community Advocacy and Advocate Consulting
Trust Formation and Trust Management
Adult Guardianship and Conservatorship
Non-Profit Legal Consultation
Legal Research and Analysis
State Unclaimed Property and Unclaimed Wages