Glow in the Dark Law® provides State, National, and International Intellectual Property services in proud association with Thrive IP ®. We are available to assist with all your patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret needs. The Glow in the Dark Lawyer™’s clients enjoy the benefits of having a national intellectual property boutique that has extensive IP prosecution and litigation experience through attorneys with an impressive array of engineering and technical backgrounds. For intellectual property concerns please contact Attorney La Salle at (757) 755-2257.


A former Navy Nuclear Mechanical Operator, the Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ has been steeped in the engineering philosophy of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, and its founder, Admiral Rickover. Mr. La Salle applies each of the seven “Nuclear Watchstanding Principles” – Integrity, Formality, Level of Knowledge, Questioning Attitude, Procedural Compliance, and Forceful Backup – to all aspects of his law practice. In protecting clients’ intellectual property concerns, these principles are vital. 


Mr. La Salle has broad engineering experience, with experience in multiple disciplines including nuclear energy technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering technologies, energy generation and transmission, shipbuilding, and maritime technology. He has assisted in patent prosecution and defense in a wide range of disciplines, including therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, chemical energy storage, and even space propulsion. Additionally, as a proven neutral, Attorney La Salle provides value to a variety of parties through Early Neutral Evaluation (“ENE”), a process similar to arbitration through which litigants can gauge the risks and likely outcomes of proceeding with a lengthy and costly civil litigation.

In addition to supporting and defending intellectual property rights, the Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ is also adept at IP infringement defense. Unfortunately, there are some who seek to exploit intellectual property law at society’s expense rather than for its benefit as the U.S. Constitution intends. Patent and copyright holders whose business depends on enforcing patent or copyright through a system of strategic litigation rather than through participation in the fair market are pejoratively known as “trolls.” The Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ has successfully defended victims seduced by this inequitable system, which he has dubbed the Bait-and-Litigate™. Particularly in the realm of digital photography and videography, the Bait-and-Litigate™ can expose unwary victims to risk of statutory damage liability which could aggregate to millions of dollars. IP “trolls” exploit the risk inherent in the Bait-and-Litigate™, extracting unreasonable nuisance settlements from victims who do not understand the digital technology and are unable or unwilling to bear the costs of a fair defense. The Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ knows the trolls tricks, and has the skill to defeat them.

Glow in the Dark Law® eagerly anticipates future adjudication in the Copyright Claims Board. If someone has infringed your copyright (and you anticipate your claim is below the CCB threshold) or you are accused of infringing someone else’s work and seeking a declaration of noninfringement, Glow in the Dark Law® can help. In addition to a dedication to protecting the intellectual property rights of his clients, Mr. La Salle has a proven track record defending against abusive federal copyright litigation.  

Representative Patents


  • US Patent 10,707,511 – Low Temperature Solid Oxide Cells
  • US Patent 10,869,618 – Diagnostic Measurement Devices and Methods

  • US Patent 10,954,255 – Phospholipid analogues

  • US Patent 11,019,712 – Method and apparatus for torsional magnetic reconnection

Representative Litigation


  • Claims of Copyright Infringement and DMCA violation, U.S. District Court, District of South Carolina (Charleston)

  • Trademark Infringement/Opposition, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board


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Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
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The Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices
The Music Modernization Act
Law Library of Congress
Copyright Termination
Intellectual Property Owners Association
AIPLA Report of the Economic Survey

CCB Handbook


Google Patents
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