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The Glow In The Dark Lawyer™ provides State, National, and International Intellectual Property services in proud association with Thrive IP ®. We are available to assist with all your patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret needs.

A former Navy Nuclear Mechanical Operator, The Glow In The Dark Lawyer, Attorney William La Salle, has been steeped in the engineering philosophy of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, and its founder, Admiral Rickover. Mr. La Salle applies each of the seven “Nuclear Watchstanding Principles” – Integrity, Formality, Level of Knowledge, Questioning Attitude, Procedural Compliance, and Forceful Backup – to all aspects of his law practice. In protecting clients’ intellectual property concerns, these principles are vital.

Mr. La Salle has broad engineering experience, with experience in multiple disciplines including nuclear energy technologies, mechanical and electrical engineering technologies, energy generation and transmission, shipbuilding, and maritime technology. He has assisted in patent prosecution and defense in a wide range of disciplines, including therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, chemical energy storage, and even space propulsion.

Whether you’re a U.S. small business owner seeking to trademark your logo, an author seeking out a publisher for your magnus opus, or an international IP firm seeking US counsel for a PCT U.S. National Phase filing, The Glow In The Dark Lawyer™ has the experience you need.

Representative Patents

  • US Patent 10,707,511 – Low Temperature Solid Oxide Cells
  • US Patent 10,869,618 – Diagnostic Measurement Devices and Methods

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