With the acceleration of certain provisions of the Cannabis Control Act (VA HB2312 2021), there may be a false sense of security regarding the sale, possession, and cultivation of marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are the family member of an incarcerated person convicted under harsher marijuana possession or distribution laws seeking to petition the Attorney General for a sentence reduction; a CBD business looking to expand operations; an industrial farmer or a residential homeowner considering cultivating marijuana plants; or just an eager consumer, it is imperative to be aware of the impact of what is accelerated in light of when the overall bill goes in to effect, and what will and will not be legal and when.

Virginia Resources

HB 2312 Marijuana; legalization of simple possession, etc.
Virginia Cannabis Control Authority

Cannabis Equity Reinvestment Board
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
Industrial Hemp Grower Registration Application
Industrial Hemp Dealer Registration Application
Virginia Cooperative Extension
§ 19.2-303.01 Reduction of sentence; substantial assistance to prosecution
Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission
§ 3.2-4122 Hemp Products
§ 3.2-5145.6 et seq. Edibles
§ 4.1-600 et seq. Cannabis Control Act
§ 4.1-1000 et seq. Licensing
§ 4.4-1101 Home cultivation
§ 4.1-1101.1 Adult sharing of marijuana
§ 4.1.1104 Minimum Age for Purchase (21)

National Resources

Map of Legality by State