Glow in the Dark Law® knows what it means to sacrifice and serve.

As a former enlisted Sailor in the U.S. Navy, serving from 2002 – 2011, Attorney William La Salle joined the service just after 9/11 and earned the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and a Humanitarian Service Medal after deploying to the Arabian Gulf as a propulsion plant operator aboard USS Harry S. Truman in 2004. He was also aboard when Truman sailed to the Gulf to assist in recovery efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and has the distinct honor of being a Plankowner of USS George H.W. Bush as well as one of the nuclear Inactivation Test Engineers who helped put ex-USS Enterprise to rest. Mr. La Salle also knows the struggles and sacrifices of a military spouse, as his wife continues to serve faithfully today in the U.S. Navy.

The men and women of the service will always be his brothers and sisters, and their families his own. He stands ever ready to give back to those who lay it all on the line for our freedom, and to see to them and their interests in their time of legal need. Whether you’re a military family with a housing issue, the spouse of a deployed or deploying servicemember trying to tend to the family’s obligations in your servicemember’s absence, or a veteran trying to resolve the financial implications of what you believe was an unfair involuntary discharge, the Glow In The Dark Lawyer™ can help!

In accordance with federal statute regarding conflict of interest, the Glow in the DarkLawyer currently does not represent clients in federal litigation matters or before federal tribunals, including the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or related federal appeals courts. However, Glow in the Dark Law® can assist with limited matters related to Veterans issues, including civil contract negotiations. In addition, Glow in the Dark Law® provides alternative dispute resolution services as representative, neutral, or early neutral evaluator.