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Adobe’s Flash Logo

I consider myself an Xennial. If you’re about my age, you probably grew up playing the “Regular” Nintendo (I remember we had ours in the basement, so if you turned the lights off and shuttered all the windows, you could use the flash from Duck Hunt to turn your house into a kind of laser-tag shoot-em-up arcade). 8-, 16-, and even 64-bit graphics were our staple, and we transitioned from pre-teens playing Super Metroid to teenagers playing Final Fantasy VII. Good times, though kids today would see our nostalgia for the graphics we grew up with (and potentially still find impressive) and laugh in our faces.

So what does this have to do with Flash? The idea of the internet began as a medium for information exchange. The idea of the World Wide Web came later. Flash was at the forefront of the creation of interactive, media-laden web pages which were friendly to use by the general public. The world we live in today, with the Internet of Things (IoT) taken for granted by pretty much all of us, owes a great debt to Flash.

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