If you or your business is the victim of copyright trolling by digital photographers or videographers, the Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ has the skills and knowledge to protect your interests. Copyright “trolls” are those copyright holders whose business revolves around generating income from threats of litigation and forcing “nuisance settlements,” rather than through engagement in the free market. Copyright trolling can be highly lucrative. Glow in the Dark Law® knows how to stop it. 

Copyright trolls are often effective at exploiting “nuisance settlements” because the statutory damage provisions of Copyright law put a substantial premium on risk of liability for infringement over what the free market would typically bear. This reality is at the heart of the Bait-and-Litigate™ scheme. Trolls earn far more for their art by threatening federal litigation than they would by engaging the free market. They do this by convincing victims that it is better to concede to the inflated demand for compensation  than incur the cost and risk of a reasonable defense at trial. Another way that trolls can strongarm settlements is by grossly inflating the perceived scope of risk by framing infringement issues in technological terms that the majority of victims (and their attorneys!) do not understand. For those who choose to resist, trolls can wear their victims down by engaging in  manufactured schemes of discovery abuse and deadline avoidance, further driving up the costs of litigation. What trolls don’t tell you is that you have the right to defend against these nuisance settlements, and that it is likely you will recover your costs after unveiling these underhanded tactics in court. 

The Glow in the Dark Lawyer™ knows how to keep you from being a victim. He has successfully:

      • Eliminated unsubstantiated claims of DMCA violation with risk of statutory awards of up to $25,000 per instance without the need to go to trial
      • Provided negotiation leverage by highlighting grossly inflated claims of infringement and clearly defining the scope of the copyright involved
      • Compelled disclosure of vital information revealing details of Bait-and-Litigate™ schemes by defeating weak attempts to resist lawful discovery
      • Negotiated dismissal of uninvolved or peripherally-involved corporate defendants subject to claims of contributory or vicarious infringement

You don’t have to be another Bait-and-Litigate™ victim. But you shouldn’t risk the outcome on just any attorney or law firm. Defeating the Bait-and-Litigate™ means being highly sophisticated during negotiations and better prepared for litigation. The intersection of intellectual property law and technology can be technical and complex. Just like you should put your health in the hands of a medical specialist,  if you are ensnared by a troll employing a Bait-and-Litigate™ scheme, you should put your trust in someone with the skill and competency to get you the best results. Don’t be the next victim of a copyright troll. Contact Glow in the Dark Law® today!